Well Body Reset

Looking to learn more about a functional approach to your health? I am so excited to announce the launch of Well Body Reset with Kim Holderness of The Holderness Family starting on January 1, 2020. Our 28 day on-demand, online course teaches the science behind intermittent fasting, along with recipes, functional movements, self-assessments, and more. These are the tenants that I have taught at my functional medicine practice. Visit for more information. This is a great way to learn more, especially if you are wanting to get started while on Dr. Hansell’s waitlist.

On The Holderness Family podcast:

“Losing Weight and Getting Fit over 40”
“What is Intermittent Fasting and How Does it Work?”
“Don’t Eat Your Holiday Feelings”

Kim and Penn Holderness receive acupuncture by their physician Harriet Hansell, MD in this video.